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Shenzhen CAZN Electrics Co., Ltd. (registered trademark "CAZN" "EAE") is branch of CAZN International (Hong Kong) Limited which is a professional enterprise specializing in industrial connection technology. The company was established in Shenzhen in 2009, the company's products involved in circular connectors, waterproof connectors, RF connectors, wiring harness, low-pressure molding and OEM / ODM business.

       After years of development, excellent products and high cost more and more welcomed by the majority of customers. In the Internet of Things (IOT), industrial 4.0 environment, CAZN products are widely used in wind power generation, high-speed rail, automobile manufacturing, intelligent transportation, intelligent manufacturing, etc., CAZN has gradually become the backbone of the domestic industrial connector.

         Company sales network gradually built in major cities in the country will set up offices and around the world to establish more partners. "Professional focus on each product to do a good job," the concept of "high quality, sincere service" the purpose of sincere service to our customers.