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Industrial automation - chemical, electric power, water, bui
date:2016-10-16 丨 click:553

Shenzhen city is a unique advantage of equipment manufacturing and chemical production of Electrical Co., Ltd., has accumulated a large number of technical achievements and engineering application experience. Services in the chemical industry, electricity, water, building materials, and other industries, and by the vast number of users, as the backbone of the transformation of science and technology. In the national "science and education" strategy to promote the tide, "is becoming an electrical control" stand out, set up an optimized, stable business development platform.
The company has passed ISO/FDI9001:2000 certification, for many years to obtain a number of technical achievements and a variety of honorary certificates. After years of development, the company grew into high-tech enterprises at the provincial level and provincial software enterprises, the company employs nearly 80 people, college staff of 60 people, including 1 doctors, 2 masters and undergraduate majority, including technical personnel 1/3 implementation experience research and engineering for more than 10 years. Company personnel stability, reasonable knowledge structure, have solid professional knowledge and superb technical ability, "Burke controlled" have the confidence to provide quality products and perfect technical support for every user.