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The Internet of things technology - extraordinary imaginatio
date:2016-10-16 丨 click:1007

Not a digital channel can provide a rich sense of sensory experience as a physical store. However, if the customer needs the product can not be timely shelves (or sales staff can not quickly from stock transfer of the product), then the store shopping experience will set in.
At the same time, the inventory distortion (excess inventory, shortage or loss) has almost become the main cause of the loss of 1 trillion and 100 billion u.. 1 single in the United States, the stock is only a loss of $42 billion retail funds, close to 1.5% of the total retail sales.

Get near real-time inventory information
By adding RFID tags to the inventory, and integrated with the retail system and applications, you can track the entire store to find a single piece of goods. The data obtained from the corresponding views can help retailers to manage the daily operations, such as to remind the location of objects error, and then re placed, or the development of a higher level and better decisions, such as sales promotion, display compliance and human resources management.
Is the electrical connector from the retail platform is an easy-to-use and affordable way for retailers, near real time collection inventory information available.
Will be put to a new level of compliance
When the sales staff to track the inventory status of the entire store, they can quickly view the inventory status of the warehouse, found that the problem of placing the location of the goods, and can be aware of the potential inventory loss. In this way, the corresponding items will be placed in the corresponding position becomes more simple, customers can find the required items in a timely manner.
Change the dressing room experience
With the help of mobile applications for inventory retailers and the design of the sensor platform, customers can request in the fitting room, with different size. Using the stock label, sales staff can quickly find the goods, and directly to the hands of customers, in order to improve the speed of transactions.
Understanding customer behavior
RFID tags enable you to understand the time to pick up items and route through the store. For example, through acquiring an item has been tried but did not buy the number, you can find the items to consider buying rate. Through a deeper understanding of the customer's behavior patterns and preferences, you can optimize the layout of the product placement, sales and store promotions.
Inventory tracking is just one of the things (IoT) to improve the way of store operations. The door lock switch, thermostat and other systems connected to the IoT platform, you can achieve automatic operation, saving time for employees, and can reduce the operation cost.