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Sensor system research and development, design,
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Set of sensors and systems research and development, design, manufacture and sales of services in one of the integrated high-tech companies. The company is located in Shenzhen, information resources, strong technical force, has extensive contacts at home and abroad, and several universities and Research Institute to research and development of industrial control system and special purpose sensors, is an important window Chinese with foreign testing equipment, automation instruments enterprises and research institutions to carry out academic exchange and cooperation projects. The absorption, by understanding and dissemination of world advanced detection technology and automation technology, paving the way for our country to promote the progress of bridge measurement and control technology. The company in line with mutual benefit, hand in hand and the principle of business excellence to become a strategic partner for the company has been well received by the industry.

The company is committed to the cause of sensor, torque sensor, weighing sensor, pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, weighing transducer, tension sensor, weighing instrument, weighing module, weight sensor products and industrial control system development, promotion and service work, is currently the larger, more complete variety of weighing sensor, pressure sensor and instrumentation products suppliers.
Company products are widely involved in weighing, tension, tension and pressure, tension, torque, pressure, pressure, liquid level, blasting displacement, temperature, humidity, flow rate, angle, gas, optical, infrared, contact force, speed, acceleration, ultrasonic and radar, pressure switch, display a plurality of field control instrument and control system etc.. In electric power, chemical, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, building materials, iron and steel industry, and brewing, tap water, gas, sewage treatment, municipal engineering, light industry, packaging automation production, automobile manufacturing, education and scientific research, medical devices (such as blood pressure meter) and many other areas of production in the process of computer monitoring and control system and industrial control system widely development and application. For electronic measurement and control system of every kind, whether direct or complex applications, face or process control line and intelligent remote control from a single sensor, the company can provide excellent products supporting scheme and technical services.