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Industrial Ethernet
date:2016-10-15 丨 click:592

      The rapid development of network technology has caused profound changes in the field of automatic control technology, control network technology in fieldbus and industrial Ethernet technology is a product of modern automatic control technology and information network technology combined with the technology of automation equipment, is a symbol of the next generation, is a powerful tool to transform traditional industries, but also the information driven the key direction of industrialization. At present, the network control technology is developing from the traditional control network technology, the field bus to the modern control network technology, the direction of industrial Ethernet technology. 

IP 1.Ethernet: this industrial Ethernet uses an active switch, which is used to realize the seamless connection between the field bus and its equipment and Ethernet. In addition, Ethernet is the star line structure, which is conducive to the convenience of simple wiring and maintenance work. In the star line structure, the communication component is adopted, so that it can be compatible with the Rockwell field bus equipment. The communication model of Ethernet IP also has its own characteristics: in the first layer to the fourth layer, using the Ethernet 802.3 protocol used over TCP/IP, and in the user layer, using the CIP standard, Control Net, Device Net and Ethernet shared user layer and application layer.
HSE 2.FF (Speed Ethernet High): This is the FF Foundation launched by an Ethernet architecture. HSE uses the star line structure, and uses the switch to connect the FF field bus device, realizes the seamless operation. The switch has a firewall function, can effectively resist interference. The most important advantage of this kind of Ethernet is that it can realize the redundancy function of all levels and guarantee the reliability of the network. The low layer of the communication model uses the TCP/IP Ethernet protocol, the user layer and application layer can be shared by the field bus and HSE.
NET 3.PROFI: the Ethernet architecture proposed by SIEMENS. Due to the introduction of the protection of the past, SIEMENS investment, so the introduction of its PROFINET fully consider the compatibility with the PROFIBUS, to achieve a seamless connection between the two. In the communication model, the biggest feature of PROFINE is that the user layer is based on the component, and rely on the engineering design model to achieve the connection of the components, so that the system can access multiple suppliers of equipment.
4.IDA and the above 3 different architectures, IDA is the use of the device from the bottom to the top of the complete industrial Ethernet architecture, which is achieved by Bus Mod.